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      Truck, Trucks Truck: New Spicer Life® Series Main Driveshafts, Inter-Axle Shafts Deliver Increase

    New Spicer Life® Series Main Driveshafts, Inter-Axle Shafts Deliver Increased Torque Capacity, Durability for Heavy-Duty Trucks

    NASHVILLE, Tenn., March 11, 2013 -- Today at the Technology & Maintenance Council's 2013 Annual Meeting, Dana Holding Corporation launched a new Spicer Life® Series main driveshaft and inter-axle shaft specifically designed to supply greater torque, durability, and savings for severe-duty vocational applications as well as low-emission, high-efficiency trucks.

    The latest in a fully upgraded line of Spicer heavy-duty universal joints, Dana offers standard service and extra heavy-duty versions of the SPL®-350 driveshaft, as well as the complementary SPL®-250 inter-axle shaft. Available in the second half of 2013, these additions to the Spicer family of heavy-duty U-joints extend the expected life of the drivetrain and eliminate application restrictions on engine power in today's Class 8 linehaul and vocational vehicles.

    The most robust heavy-duty driveshaft and inter-axle shaft in their classes, the SPL-350 driveshaft and SPL-250 inter-axle are designed to withstand the increased stress placed on the driveline by high-efficiency on-highway trucks, as well as severe vocational applications including heavy equipment, mining, oil fields, and road trains.

    "As vehicle manufacturers downspeed engines, torque demands on the rest of the drivetrain increase dramatically," said Pat D'Eramo, president of Dana Commercial Vehicle Driveline Technologies. "These new, more robust driveshafts have been designed to provide the optimal combination of durability, size, and weight needed to help heavy-duty truck owners maximize the productivity of their fleets."

    Delivering up to 35,000 Nm of torque capacity in a smaller, more lightweight package, the SPL-350 driveshaft and SPL-250 inter-axle shaft are equipped with High Power Density™ design features that extend product life and outperform competing driveshafts. Like all Spicer heavy-duty U-joints, these products feature an optional service-free design for further maintenance and lifecycle benefits, more power density than competing products, and a 40 percent improvement in bearing life over competitive designs.
      Posted by cars on Monday, March 11 @ 14:55:31 UTC (3570 reads)
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      Truck, Trucks Truck: Hino Trucks Launches Mobile App

    Hino Trucks Launches Mobile App

    NOVI, Mich., March 5, 2013 -- Hino Trucks announces the release of their first mobile application designed to provide customers personalized access to Hino's nationwide dealer network. This free app offers a collection of useful tools for drivers and puts the following resources at their fingertips:

    Dealer Locator: Provides a complete listing of Hino Trucks dealerships based on the driver's current location or by entering a city, state or zip code. The locator launches the dealer site and features maps, contact information, services, hours of operation and dealer-specific special offers.
    HinoWatch: App users are just a click away from reaching the industry's best roadside assistance. HinoWatch is there to ensure drivers are protected night and day, year round - with roadside assistance for your Hino Truck anywhere throughout the United States.
    Trucks & Services: For quick reference, Hino's truck models specifications, warranty info, photo gallery and much more are featured.
    Parts Offers – Receive special parts offers from our national dealer network. Select "My Dealer" upon launching the app and receive personal alerts!
    Connect with Hino - Links to the latest Social Media Hino news from Facebook, YouTube & Twitter.
    "Today's drivers rely on mobile devices to stay connected. We developed this app with the driver in mind and to easily connect our customers to our ever growing dealer network." said Glenn Ellis – Vice President of Marketing & Dealer Operations for Hino Trucks. "Now drivers can conveniently access the information they need with the tap of a button." The Hino Trucks app is available now through the Apple Store and Google Play.
      Posted by cars on Thursday, March 07 @ 00:05:00 UTC (5968 reads)
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      Truck, Trucks Truck: Trucking Groups Call on NHTSA to Examine Truck Crashworthiness Standards

    Trucking Groups Call on NHTSA to Examine Truck Crashworthiness Standards

    ARLINGTON, Va., June 8, 2011 -- American Trucking Associations and the Owner Operator Independent Drivers Association together called on the federal government to begin researching how standards for crashworthiness for heavy trucks could benefit America's professional truck drivers.

    "NHTSA has continuously developed crashworthiness standards for automobiles and light trucks, but to date has generally not applied crashworthiness standards to commercial trucks," the two groups wrote in a June 6 letter to David Strickland, head of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. "We believe there may be opportunities to enhance the survivability of professional truck drivers if appropriate, research-based, uniform standards are developed."

    Specifically, ATA and OOIDA highlighted the need for improving cab structure and occupant restraints such as safety belts and airbags, strengthening windshields and doors to prevent occupant ejections, and installing more forgiving interior surfaces.

    ""Our organizations believe that improvements in truck occupant safety can be achieved.," the letter concluded. "We look forward to working with NHTSA on this and other important highway safety efforts."

    "Making our highways safer, especially for our drivers, is one of ATA's highest priorities," ATA President and CEO Bill Graves said. "ATA has made setting crashworthiness standards a part of our progressive safety agenda and we're proud to stand with OOIDA in calling on the federal government to take these important first steps that will reduce injuries and fatalities among America's professional truck drivers."

    Todd Spencer, OOIDA Executive Vice President, said "We are more than glad to join ATA in making this request to hold the safety of professional truck drivers to as high a standard as all other motor vehicle users. The most valuable, even most precious, cargo truckers haul is themselves and it's time that our standards reflect that value."
      Posted by cars on Wednesday, June 08 @ 19:59:43 UTC (4885 reads)
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      Truck, Trucks Truck: Mopar® to Offer Truck-load of Accessories for Ram Truck in 2011

    Mopar® to Offer Truck-load of Accessories for Ram Truck in 2011
    Ram Tradesman and "Adventurer" Scream for Accessorization

    AUBURN HILLS, Mich., March 8, 2011 --

    Mopar offers more than 300 accessories for Ram Trucks
    Ram customers typically spend more than $500 on Mopar accessories
    Ram pickups are Chrysler Group's second-most accessorized vehicle following Dodge Challenger

    From an $11.50 receiver hitch plug to a $1,335 one-piece fiberglass tonneau cover, Mopar® will offer a truck-load of accessories for Ram customers in 2011.

    "With more than 300 accessories, Mopar makes it easy for Ram fans to Moparize their truck," said Pietro Gorlier, President and CEO of Mopar, Chrysler Group's service, parts and customer-care brand. "And with the recent introduction of our value-priced Ram Tradesman and Adventurer, customers will have even more left over for customization."

    Last year, Chrysler Group's Mopar brand nearly doubled accessory sales. This year, Mopar announced that it will expand its portfolio by 1,500 items and offer more than 9,000 accessories for Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, Jeep and Ram vehicles.

    Ram Tradesman is a value-priced, HEMI-powered Ram 1500 regular cab that will appeal to a cost-conscious, new-vehicle buyer who wants performance and capability. The truck is specifically built to meet the hard-working needs of small businesses, construction jobsites and commercial fleets. In addition to Ram Tradesman, Ram will also introduce a yet-to-be-named truck with the current code name of Adventurer. Adventurer will offer HEMI performance and a sporty appearance in order to attract younger customers and first-time buyers.

    Ram Tradesman pricing starts at $22,780, which includes $975 for destination. Ram Adventurer will start at $23,830, which includes $975 for destination. Tradesman and Adventurer will go on sale in the second quarter of this year.

    Following are select Mopar accessories available on Ram Tradesman and Adventurer:

    Mopar Accessories for Ram Tradesman

    Conventional-mount Diamond Plate Toolboxes: Durable aluminum toolbox features easy-access lid as well as protective seal coats, stainless steel hinges, and continuous body welds. Mounts permanently to conventional beds. Features self-aligning strikers once the lid is open or closed with heavy-duty gas springs and heavy-gauge weather stripping. (MSRP: $412, Part No. TBXTBS72AB)
      Posted by cars on Tuesday, March 15 @ 00:40:00 UTC (5527 reads)
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      Truck, Trucks Truck: Dow Kokam and PVI Partner in Deployment of First Fully Electric Refuse Trucks

    Dow Kokam and PVI Partner in Deployment of First Fully Electric Refuse Trucks
    Dow Kokam Batteries and PVI Electric Powertrain Answer the Needs of SITA France, Eliminate 130 tons of CO2 Per Truck Per Year

    LYON, France, Dec. 3, 2010 -- Dow Kokam and PVI announced today an agreement to supply advanced lithium polymer battery systems to power the first ever fully electric refuse trucks. The electric truck and its battery system, which will be produced and assembled in France, were unveiled at Pollutec 2010 by PVI and its partner SITA, a subsidiary of Suez Environnement, alongside examples of Dow Kokam’s battery system technology. The 26-ton, zero-emission truck will eliminate 130 tons of CO2 per truck per year.

    “The unveiling of our first fully electric refuse truck, arguably the largest electric truck on the market, is a great accomplishment in vehicle electrification because these trucks place unique and high demands on their operating systems due to specific designs for urban cleaning,” said Michel Bouton, the Chief Executive Officer of PVI. “The ability to introduce a completely electric truck of this size that doesn’t sacrifice performance or power is due to PVI’s extensive history in vehicle electrification and the selection of Dow Kokam’s advanced lithium polymer battery system technology, which provides ready solutions to meet the high performance needs of working trucks operating daily in urban environments.”

    Electrification of all powertrain elements of the trucks and the mechanical elements for collecting refuse bins allow for significantly reduced noise pollution, zero local emissions and no idling during inactive periods. PVI designed the vehicles to achieve comparable performance to conventional refuse trucks with a maximum speed of 70 kilometers per hour at full payload, and the added benefit of 100 percent starting torque. Drivers will be able to collect a payload of 16 tons in two rounds of service. The modular plug-in battery pack was also designed to be interchangeable or accommodate a partial recharge between two daily service rounds, thus doubling performance capabilities. Thanks to PVI’s integrated gearbox kinematics, the truck will be able to climb steep inclines with a full payload without impeding urban traffic.

    Dow Kokam will supply each truck with a complete battery system containing five strings of seven battery packs (equivalent to 250 kilowatt hours), power management capability and the complete battery management system. In accordance with Dow Kokam’s announcement on May 26, the battery systems are assembled in France at the production facility of Le Bouchet (Vert-le-Petit, Essonne).

      Posted by cars on Monday, December 06 @ 08:12:01 UTC (5262 reads)
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      Truck, Trucks Truck: FleetPride Acquires Springfield Brake Company, Premier Truck Parts and Premier T

    FleetPride Acquires Springfield Brake Company, Premier Truck Parts and Premier Truck Parts of Joplin

    THE WOODLANDS, Texas, Nov. 8, 2010 -- FleetPride, Inc., the nation's largest independent aftermarket distributor of heavy-duty truck and trailer parts, announced that it has acquired the assets of Springfield Brake Company in Springfield, Missouri, Premier Truck Parts in Harrison, Arkansas, and Premier Truck Parts of Joplin, Joplin, Missouri. Each location operates both a parts counter and drive-in service bays. With these acquisitions, FleetPride will now have four locations each in both Missouri and Arkansas.

    Johnny Johnson is a second generation owner of Springfield Brake Company, which was founded in 1940 by Herb Johnson. In 1996, Johnny Johnson opened a location in Harrison, Arkansas under the entity Premier Truck Parts, Inc. and in 1998, opened a location in Joplin, Missouri under the entity Premier Truck Parts of Joplin.

    Long-time Springfield Brake manager Allen Lumley will remain with FleetPride to oversee all three locations. Additionally, employment offers have been extended to Springfield Brake and Premier Truck Parts employees.

    "As a well-respected industry leader, Johnny Johnson has built three strong companies based on a foundation of unsurpassed customer service. Both Springfield Brake and Premier Truck Parts have a substantial customer base which is serviced through knowledgeable parts employees and trained technicians," said Lee Stockseth, Chief Operating Officer for FleetPride.

    Stockseth continued, "Southern Missouri was targeted to fill a void in a strategic market. All three locations provide FleetPride with an excellent opportunity to better serve our local, regional, and national account customers."

    "This acquisition is yet another example of FleetPride aligning with successful, independent heavy duty distributors, while complimenting the strategic expansion of our national footprint further into the Midwest. We are excited and proud to welcome the team members of Springfield Brake and Premier Truck Parts to our FleetPride family," said W.M. McGee, President and CEO.

      Posted by cars on Wednesday, November 10 @ 00:25:00 UTC (6570 reads)
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      Truck, Trucks Truck: RAM TRUCK Sponsors 'CMT Artists of the Year' and Encourages Viewers to

    RAM TRUCK Sponsors 'CMT Artists of the Year' and Encourages Viewers to Become a Driving Force in Their Hometowns
    CMT One Country and RAM TRUCK Celebrate Top Country Honorees who Make a Difference

    NASHVILLE, Tenn., Nov. 8, 2010 -- RAM TRUCK wants viewers to become a "driving force" in their community with a new campaign debuting on CMT as part of the brand's sponsorship of CMT ARTISTS OF THE YEAR. Aligning with the network's pro-social arm CMT ONE COUNTRY, a series of custom RAM TRUCK spots debut both on-air and online today highlighting CMT ARTIST OF THE YEAR honorees – Jason Aldean, Lady Antebellum, Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood and Zac Brown Band – and their efforts to inspire positive change. The RAM TRUCK and CMT are also hoping that these honorees will encourage CMT viewers to give back in their hometowns. The joint collaboration marks the first time CMT and RAM TRUCK have partnered on a convergent marketing campaign, and relies on the marketing and pro-social strength of both brands.

    "Our hope is that these efforts will inspire Ram Truck owners and CMT viewers to set some of their time aside to volunteer within their communities," said Fred Diaz, President and CEO – Ram Truck Brand and Lead Executive for U.S. Sales, Chrysler Group LLC. "Social responsibility is a founding pillar of the Ram Truck brand. Whether it's spending time working with a local organization or a community outreach program, the time given is always needed and appreciated."

    "This custom-made partnership marks the first time that CMT and RAM have collaborated on a purpose-driven campaign that focuses on the marketing and pro-social strength of both brands," said Anthony Barton, SVP Integrated Marketing and Sponsorship Development, CMT. "CMT ARTISTS OF THE YEAR provided us with the unique opportunity to highlight the ways in which each of these five artists graciously supports charitable causes, while engaging our viewers on-air and online in a meaningful way."

    In addition to on-air support on CMT's popular weekly series' CMT INSIDER and CMT TOP 20 COUNTDOWN, viewers can stream the custom spots on demand at CMT.com. The microsite directs visitors to volunteer at least four hours in their community in order to qualify to win an autographed guitar autographed by all five CMT ARTISTS OF THE YEAR.

    CMT ARTISTS OF THE YEAR will honor Jason Aldean, Lady Antebellum, Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood and Zac Brown Band as the top artists of the year in a new 90-minute special premiering Friday, December 3, Taping in Nashville, CMT ARTISTS OF THE YEAR will bring the honorees together with their peers, as well as celebrities from across the entertainment spectrum for a glamorous evening of star-studded performances from the country world and beyond, all in celebration of the successes of the past year.

    CMT ONE COUNTRY, CMT's pro-social initiative, was launched in the fall of 2005 to promote civic participation and inspire CMT viewers to take action and bring about important change in their communities. CMT ONE COUNTRY partners include Feeding America (formerly America's Second Harvest), Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Habitat for Humanity, Hands On Network and the USO(United Service Organizations), and Children's Miracle Network. Led by Advisory Board members President Jimmy Carter, Maya Angelou and General Colin Powell, whose combined service to America is legendary, CMTONECOUNTRY.com aims to offer tools to help anyone start making a difference immediately. For more information visit CMTONECOUNTRY.com.

    CMT, a unit of Viacom's MTV Networks (NYSE: VIA and VIA.B), is the leading television and digital authority on country music and entertainment, reaching more than 91 million homes in the U.S. CMT and its website, CMT.com, offer an unparalleled mix of music, news, live concerts and series and is the top resource for country music on demand. The network's digital platforms include the 24-hour music channel, CMT Pure Country, CMT Mobile and CMT VOD.

    About the Ram Truck brand

    With a work-hard, play-hard attitude, the Ram Truck brand offers the boldest, most powerful and capable pickup truck lineup on the planet.

    Introduced in 2008, the Ram 1500 is a game changer in terms of its ability to "outsmart" and "out-tough" the competition with its bold exterior design, crafted and refined interior, engineering excellence, superb innovation and best-in-class features and amenities.

      Posted by cars on Tuesday, November 09 @ 00:00:00 UTC (7847 reads)
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      Truck, Trucks Truck: Capacity of Texas, Inc. Continues Sustainability Program With the Introduction o

    Capacity of Texas, Inc. Continues Sustainability Program With the Introduction of a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Terminal Truck

    LONGVIEW, Texas, Nov. 4, 2010 -- Capacity of Texas announces the award of an $872,000 Grant to develop a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Terminal Truck. The project is supported by the State of Texas through a Grant from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. The project involves developing Hydrogen Fuel Cell Terminal truck which will have "Zero" emissions. The Zero Emission Terminal Truck (ZETT™) will be based on the world's only Pluggable Hybrid Terminal Truck (PHETT®) platform.

    "As the leader in the terminal tractor industry with environmental friendly products, we are pleased to announce the addition of a "Zero Emission" terminal truck to our fleet. In 2007 we launched the first CNG/LNG terminal truck with the *****mins West Port ISL-G engine. These trucks met the EPA/CARB 2010 emission standards a full 3 years ahead of the required emission change. In 2007 our goal was to be the leader in environmentally friendly products. Since the introduction of the ISL-G terminal tractor, numerous customers recognized and took advantage of our commitment to our sustainability program. The PHETT® has been recognized as the most innovative new product in the terminal truck industry in the last 20 years. The ZETT™ will be the only zero emission terminal truck that will meet the demanding environment and duty cycle of a terminal truck and have zero emissions. Depending on the requirements, the ZETT™ can operate up to two (2) shifts before refueling. We are the only manufacturer to have a full line of environmentally friendly products and diesel power solutions that enhance our strategy of continuous improvement and environmental stewardship. Capacity of Texas is dedicated to the strategic partnerships with our customers with an range of power options to meet their requirements in any application," stated Phillip Ford, President of Capacity of Texas.

    Capacity of Texas, Inc., has been serving the terminal tractor industry for over 39 years under the Trailer Jockey® brand. Capacity manufactures the Trailer Jockey® completely in-house and is solely focused on the manufacture and support of this product. Located in Longview, Texas, Capacity is a wholly owned subsidiary of Allied Specialty Vehicles, Inc, ("ASV") and is the largest American owned manufacturer of terminal tractors in North America, offering a full product line of terminal trucks used throughout the world. Capacity distributes products through a national and international authorized representative network.

      Posted by cars on Saturday, November 06 @ 00:10:00 UTC (5357 reads)
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      Truck, Trucks Truck: Mahindra Responsible for Delays in Delivering Trucks to U.S. Dealers

    Mahindra Responsible for Delays in Delivering Trucks to U.S. Dealers

    ALPHARETTA, Ga., Oct. 19 -- Global Vehicles USA, Inc., the exclusive U.S. distributor of Mahindra pickup trucks, called on India-based Mahindra & Mahindra to begin building vehicles for sale in the United States and commit to a launch date, which would bring it back into compliance with the arbitration clause of the distribution agreement between the two companies.

    "Nearly 350 dealers have been ready to sell Mahindra trucks for more than three years," said John Perez, chief executive officer of Global Vehicles. "If Mahindra executives were being truthful when they said that the trucks would be on sale by the end of the year, they should honor that commitment so dealers can start earning back the tens of millions of dollars they have invested in the brand.

    "Binding arbitration will decide if Mahindra lied to Global Vehicles and our dealers about the status of the trucks and whether they broke the law when they attempted to arbitrarily terminate our distribution contract," Perez added. "In the meantime, Mahindra is legally – and morally – obligated to conduct business as usual."

    Global Vehicles believes that Mahindra improperly took advantage of an escape clause that was designed to allow both parties to walk away from the project if Mahindra was unable to achieve U.S. safety and emissions standards by June 11, 2010. Mahindra executives communicated publicly on multiple occasions in 2009 and 2010 that the U.S. launch was on track, and the company announced in August 2010 that it had received certification from the EPA to sell the trucks.

    Global Vehicles invoked the arbitration clause in the distribution contract on June 11. Under terms of the agreement, both companies are required to continue performing their obligations under the distributor agreement while any dispute is being resolved. The first meeting in the arbitration process was held Sept. 15 in London.

    The exact contract language is quoted below:

    Section 60. Arbitration

    If a dispute, controversy or claim concerning the interpretation of this Distributor Agreement, the validity of this Distributor Agreement, any breach or alleged breach by a party under this Distributor Agreement or any other matter relating in any way to this Agreement arises between the Parties, the Parties agree to resolve the dispute by using the procedures set forth in this Section 60 (which are Executive Level review, or if that is unsuccessful, Binding Arbitration).

      Posted by cars on Monday, October 25 @ 00:00:00 UTC (5393 reads)
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      Truck, Trucks Truck: Guardian Warranty Corporation (GWC) Introduces Unmatched Mechanical Breakdown

    Guardian Warranty Corporation (GWC) Introduces Unmatched Mechanical Breakdown Coverage for Medium Duty Trucks
    AVOCA, Pa., July 19 -- GWC, one of the largest nationwide providers of service contracts to independent and franchise dealerships, continues to create programs with the Dealer's success and profitability in mind. GWC recently announced the launch of its new Medium Duty Truck Protection Plan which gives Dealers who have a mix of vehicles on their lots an opportunity to fulfill every customer's needs. "Medium duty trucks represent a significant growth segment in the industry," according to Rob Glander, GWC's President and CEO. "We set out to provide a strong protection plan, backed by GWC's unparalleled service level, to help our Dealers meet the needs of this expanding customer base."

    GWC's Medium Duty Truck Protection Plan provides mechanical breakdown coverage on trucks above and beyond what is typically offered in the market today. The exceptional coverage developed by GWC incorporates many more components than a basic powertrain protection plan and is available for trucks with a GVWR of up to 19,500 pounds. Straightforward and simple to understand, cost is determined by weight, mileage and fuel type, and is available on a wide range of mid-size vehicles from small dump trucks to refrigerated and box trucks. And as with all of GWC's Protection Plans, the coverage provided begins "Day One, Mile One."

    Fleet Managers, Commercial Truck Managers and Independent Dealers who sell work vehicles to commercial businesses can now offer a truck protection plan that gives their customers peace of mind knowing their most critical business asset will be protected from costly, unexpected mechanical repairs. And in maintaining GWC's commitment to provide its Dealer partners with programs to maximize the profitability of their dealership, the Medium Duty Truck Protection Plan qualifies for the same participation program benefits offered with the company's Vehicle Protection Plans.

    GWC understands today's Dealer needs. The Medium Duty Truck Protection Plan program is the latest offering by GWC that fulfills its promise of providing outstanding products designed to enhance the success of its Dealer Partners.

      Posted by cars on Tuesday, July 27 @ 00:00:00 UTC (3563 reads)
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