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      Car Racing, Car Race, Auto Racing, Racer Car Racing: Racing For Education Is on Track

    Racing For Education Is on Track

    DAYTONA BEACH, Fla., June 30, 2011 -- On July 1, at 1:15 p.m. Racing For Education (RFE), NASCAR Nationwide Racing Team will introduce the RFE Racing Team and the mission of the RFE initiative at the Press Conference Room at Daytona International Speedway

    Through a partnership with Diversity Motor Sports Racing, LLC CEO Terrance Alton Cox III and the Mary McLeod Bethune Legacy Preservation Institute, Inc., Racing For Education includes experts in the fields of Education, Diversity and the motorsports industry aligned with seasoned racer and engineer Bob Schacht. We are delighted that Mike Bliss will drive the #19 Racing For Education signature race car in our inaugural season in NASCAR's Nationwide Series.
      Posted by cars on Sunday, July 03 @ 00:15:00 UTC (5015 reads)
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      Car Racing, Car Race, Auto Racing, Racer Car Racing: Flying Lizard Reveals Special Livery for Team's First Two-Porsche Le Mans P

    Flying Lizard Reveals Special Livery for Team's First Two-Porsche Le Mans Program
    Troy Lee's Design Celebrates History of Porsche at Le Mans

    ATLANTA, June 1, 2011 -- Flying Lizard revealed today a commemorative livery for the No. 80 and No. 81 Flying Lizard Porsches for the 2011 24 Heures du Mans. Created by California-based artist Troy Lee, the livery celebrates the history of Porsche at Le Mans, featuring the 28 drivers who have won the 24 Heures du Mans overall in a Porsche. The No. 80 and No. 81 designs are identical, implemented in complementary colors: candy metallic blue for the No. 80 and candy metallic orange for the No. 81; both anchored by a deep ocean blue. Primary colors provide a backdrop for the driver names and flags which weave throughout the design on the Porsche 911 GT3 RSR.

    The Flying Lizard Porsche livery will be officially unveiled at scrutineering on Monday, June 6 in Le Mans at approximately 13.30 CET (just prior to the scheduled scrutineering time for the No. 80). "2011 is a special year for Flying Lizard at Le Mans: our first time fielding two entries," said Flying Lizard VP of Marketing, Jennifer Hart. "The livery commemorates the heritage of Porsche at Le Mans, starting with drivers Hans Hermann and Richard Attwood, who secured the first overall victory for Porsche in 1970*. The 911 is an ideal canvas for Troy Lee's beautiful tribute to this iconic race."

    Troy Lee described the concept of the design, "I started with the vibrant colors of the drivers' country flags: imagining how they could be put to life on a racecar, as if they were blowing by on the front straight. Once we had the theme, we focused on making it come to life in 3D. The challenge was to really show off the depth and movement of these amazing cars, while maintaining the integrity of Porsche design."

    Lee continued, "A crucial part of this project was getting the right paint: We worked extensively with PPG Industries to develop these custom colors, both for their liveliness and for the depth of the metallic colors. Using the candy paint as a base, we then created the intricate backdrop of asymmetric shapes to balance the design and create the sense of speed."

    President of Porsche Motorsport North America Jens Walther added, "We are proud that Flying Lizard chose to honor the 28 drivers who have stood on the top step of the podium for Porsche at Le Mans. This design exemplifies the effort that Flying Lizard puts into every aspect of their race preparation, and shows why Lizard drivers have won the American Le Mans Series GT championship for the last three years."
      Posted by cars on Thursday, June 02 @ 00:00:00 UTC (5009 reads)
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      Car Racing, Car Race, Auto Racing, Racer Car Racing: IZOD IndyCar Series Selects BorgWarner EFR Turbochargers for 2012-2016 Racing Se

    IZOD IndyCar Series Selects BorgWarner EFR Turbochargers for 2012-2016 Racing Series
    BorgWarner EFR Turbochargers to Boost Performance and Increase Fuel Economy for Down-Sized IZOD IndyCar Series Engines

    AUBURN HILLS, Mich., May 27, 2011 -- Beginning in 2012, IZOD IndyCar Series will specify 4- or 6-cylinder engines boosted exclusively by BorgWarner's new line of EFR turbochargers. Badged "Engineered For Racing" or "EFR," these turbochargers feature Gamma TiAl (titanium aluminide) turbine wheels, ceramic ball bearings and stainless steel turbine housings. IZOD IndyCar Series engine manufacturers can choose EFR turbochargers for either single-turbo or twin-turbo engine arrangements, each with two turbine housing sizes that can be selected on a track-by-track basis by IZOD IndyCar Series teams.

    "A testament to BorgWarner's technology leadership in turbocharging, this product is engineered to meet the demanding performance requirements of IZOD IndyCar Series racing. BorgWarner's EFR turbochargers offer an unprecedented combination of advanced technologies, designed to boost the performance of down-sized engines while improving fuel economy," said Timothy M. Manganello, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, BorgWarner. "We are thrilled to add our latest turbocharging technology to our 100 year legacy of innovation at the Indianapolis 500."

    This line of turbochargers is consistent with the image of the Borg-Warner Trophy that is a symbol of technology, innovation and speed in racing. Originally designed for the performance enthusiast, BorgWarner's EFR turbochargers are customized for the IZOD IndyCar Series racing series using weight reduction techniques and end-housings specifically designed for IZOD IndyCar Series engines. Streamlined EFR turbochargers for IZOD IndyCar Series feature low-weight Gamma TiAl turbine wheels and shaft assemblies for quick boost response. Patent-pending ceramic ball bearings increase thrust capacity and durability while improving turbine efficiency at low expansion ratios. An investment-cast stainless steel turbine housing also increases efficiency, improves durability and resists corrosion.
      Posted by cars on Monday, May 30 @ 00:05:00 UTC (4994 reads)
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      Cars Car Racing: Independence Day Celebration at Saab Automobile Factory

    Independence Day Celebration at Saab Automobile Factory
    - Saab celebrates first year as independent company
    - Factory stages live music, awards, displays and presentations
    - Launch of Saab Independence Edition Convertible

    TROLLHATTAN, Sweden , Feb. 23, 2011 -- The Saab Automobile factory echoed to the sound of loud cheers and spontaneous applause today (23 February) as almost 4,000 employees, dealers and suppliers held a giant party to celebrate the first anniversary of Saab's rebirth as an independent carmaker.

    Production was halted for the afternoon and part of the state-of-the-art plant was converted into an entertainment arena lined with hot dog stalls and refreshment stands. A wall was covered with a 25 meter long montage of photos and birthday messages from thousands of Saab fans on Facebook. Everyone in the audience had a slice from more than 350 birthday cakes specially baked for the occasion, while entertainment included live music sessions, video shows, presentations, awards for top suppliers and a photo competition for staff on the theme of 'Independence.'

    The party also saw the unveiling of a special Independence Edition Saab Convertible, of which just 366 will be produced, and previews of the 9-5 SportCombi and new 9-3 Griffin range ahead of their public premieres at next week's Geneva Motor Show.
      Posted by cars on Wednesday, February 23 @ 20:11:44 UTC (1742 reads)
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      Cars Car Racing: Kia Motors Shares a Vision for the Future of Urban Electric Transportation with

    Kia Motors Shares a Vision for the Future of Urban Electric Transportation with the POP Concept Car at 2010 Los Angeles Auto Show
    POP Concept Can Travel 100 Miles on a Single Charge
    - Kia Motors' R&D teams combine cutting-edge electric vehicle technology with design innovation
    - Unconventional POP concept inspired by lightweight, aerodynamic items such as gliders and high-tech bicycles

    IRVINE, Calif., Nov. 18, 2010 -- Making its North American debut at the 2010 Los Angeles Auto Show alongside Kia Motors' first-ever hybrid for the U.S. – the 2011 Optima Hybrid (arriving early next year) – the all-electric Kia POP concept vehicle provides a glimpse into the future of urban transportation and takes its inspirations from outside the world of automobile design. Less than 10 feet in length, the chrome-colored three-seater was created by Kia's European Design Center in Frankfurt under the direction of Peter Schreyer, chief design officer, Kia Motors Corporation and can travel up to 100 miles on a single charge. The POP comes to the U.S. shortly after the "Ray" plug-in hybrid concept, which was developed at Kia's Southern California design studio and introduced at the 2010 Chicago Auto Show, and is the result of Kia Motors' expanding green car investments and research and development efforts around the world.

    Born from Kia's EcoDynamics philosophy, the POP concept is the result of a global collaboration between designers and engineers to bring ultra efficient vehicles to life and symbolizes Kia's dedication to creating a sustainable future through vehicles with significantly reduced environmental impacts.

    Conceived as a stylish city car, the ultra-compact Kia POP requires little more than three yards of parking space and features unique oblong windows that reflect the designers' wish to give the driver a wide and unen*****bered view of the surroundings, like the *****pit of a helicopter.

    "The POP doesn't point at the style of the next generation of cars, but looks even further into the future," said Schreyer. "There are many never-before-seen design elements on POP, for example the side-window graphic is like a signature, unique with its own character."

    Efficient Power

    Driving the POP concept are highly efficient compact lithium polymer gel batteries created in partnership with LG Chem, which are lightweight and require little space. The batteries offer the same power performance as a lithium ion battery but with a 20-percent reduction in battery size and reduced manufacturing complexity. Capable of reaching a top speed of 87 miles per hour and completely recharging in six hours, the fully-electric, zero-emissions concept vehicle with a 50kW, 190Nm motor offers a range of up to 100 miles.

    Striking Exterior

    With its oblong-shaped side windows and full-length glass roof, the POP concept is a smart blend of form and function and its eye-catching design distinguishes it from all electric car concepts that have come before it. POP's unique characteristics are enhanced with the high-tech feel of the dot-pattern grille and taillights and the simplistic, clean look of the wheels. Continuing the POP's high-tech, high-style theme, the trademark Kia signature grille illuminates at night and the protrusions at the bottom corners of the doors are actually rear-view cameras that relay images to small screens in the cabin.

    Intriguing Interior Style

    Inside, the POP is more modern sculpture than small car, with a flowing front seat influenced by sleek modern furniture and a color scheme that is atypical, sporting a purple hue for a calm and peaceful environment. Breaking from automotive tradition, a dashboard is absent from the cabin and in its place is a transparent organic LED panel for speedometer and battery charge gauges, while traditional buttons and dials are replaced by a single touch screen.

    Design-Led Transformation and Product Line

    Kia Motors is in the midst of a dramatic, design-led transformation, which has been delivering dynamically styled vehicles in several important segments at exactly the right time, contributing to the brand's continued gains in U.S. market share. Kia is poised to continue its momentum and will continue to build the brand through design innovation, quality, value, safety features and new technology such as the soon-to-come UVO powered by Microsoft® (1) in-car hands-free entertainment system. The launches of the 2011 Sorento CUV, the first vehicle to be assembled* at Kia's first U.S.-based manufacturing facilities in West Point, Georgia, the dynamic 2011 Sportage compact CUV, sophisticated 2011 Optima midsize sedan and versatile Forte 5-door hatchback further enhance the lineup.

    Kia's model year 2011 vehicle line includes the Sorento CUV, Sportage compact CUV, Optima midsize sedan, Soul urban passenger vehicle, Forte compact sedan, Forte 5-door compact hatchback, Forte Koup two-door coupe, Rio sub-compact sedan, Rio5 sub-compact hatchback and Sedona minivan.

      Posted by cars on Saturday, December 11 @ 05:57:39 UTC (1797 reads)
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      Car Racing, Car Race, Auto Racing, Racer Car Racing: Take an Exclusive Ferrari 'Ride to Remember' at the September 19 Cap

    Take an Exclusive Ferrari 'Ride to Remember' at the September 19 Capitol Concours d'Elegance
    "Ferrari Club of America Car Owners Offer Exotic Car Rides to Event Visitors to Help Child Patients"
    SACRAMENTO, Calif., Sept. 9 -- Riding in a Ferrari is one way visitors at the September 19 Capitol Concours d'Elegance will support Shriners Hospitals for Children® - Northern California. For three hours during the Concours from 11:00AM to 2:00PM, the President of Ferrari Club of America-Pacific Region Sacramento Chapter has organized an exclusive fundraising "Ferrari Ride to Remember." Neil Collepardi, FCA-PR Sacramento Chapter President shares, "Multiple Ferraris have been donated for the day by their personal owners, who will serve as drivers for anyone signing up for a ride and we are thrilled to help raise money for children with serious medical needs." The club is asking for a minimum $100.00 donation per lap on Capitol Mall, which includes a souvenir photograph of the donor with the Ferrari.

      Posted by cars on Saturday, September 11 @ 00:25:00 UTC (5304 reads)
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      Car Racing, Car Race, Auto Racing, Racer Car Racing: Global Tuner Grand Prix and Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca to Put World's Top Pe

    Global Tuner Grand Prix and Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca to Put World's Top Performance Tuners and Racers in Head-to-Head Battle
    MONTEREY, Calif., Aug. 11 -- The Global Tuner Grand Prix is proud to announce that Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca is hosting the first ever Global Tuner Grand Prix, taking place Friday, October 22nd through Sunday, October 24th, 2010.

    The Global Tuner Grand Prix is a spectator event with top professional performance tuners from around the world competing at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. The GTGP is similar to Europe's Tuner GP and Japan's International Lap Battle competitions but is the first of its kind in North America. This specific weekend is one of four no sound restriction Pro weekends at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca.

    "On behalf of NOVITEC ROSSO we are excited to be part of the GTGP at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. The GTGP format has been long overdue in North America and it's the perfect event to showcase NOVITEC ROSSO's technology on track in front of enthusiasts. There is no better way to prove a vehicles performance than on a racing circuit and with GTGP we will be able to do so against the best Tuners in the world," said Albert Cook, Director of NOVITEC North America, LLC.

    Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca is the only track in North America where lap times for production cars are recognized by major manufacturers and motorsport media moguls around the world. A lap time here is used as a measuring stick for a vehicle's performance, equivalent to the Nurburgring in Germany.

    "What a great way to end our major event season, bringing our fans the best in global tuner competition," said Gill Campbell, CEO/general manager for Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. "To put Porsche, Corvette and Mazda together in competition will be a true global motorsports event."

    "Porsche Motorsport North America is very pleased to be a part of the 2010 GTGP event and to be able to attend with Technical and Parts Support as we do for all major racing events in the US. We look forward to an exciting three days of racing at one of the premier tracks in the country," said Paul Ritchie, President & CEO of Porsche Motorsport North America.

      Posted by cars on Friday, August 13 @ 00:15:00 UTC (5486 reads)
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      Car Racing, Car Race, Auto Racing, Racer Car Racing: Nineteen Year Old Racing Sensation Dion von Moltke Roars Into Miami For Grand

    Nineteen Year Old Racing Sensation Dion von Moltke Roars Into Miami For Grand Prix of Miami
    Will be Driving Car #77 Dallara Daytona Prototype Sponsored By McDonalds/South African Airways/P1 Groupe
    ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, Fla., March 5 -- Nineteen year old racing sensation, Dion von Moltke, is roaring into Miami for the Grand Prix of Miami, March 5-6, 2010 at the Homestead Miami Speedway. As the GRAND-AM Rolex Sports Car Series returns to Miami, all eyes will be on Dion as he returns to Doran Racing, driving with Memo Gidley. Dion will be driving the car #77, a Ford-powered Dallara Daytona Prototype that is being sponsored by McDonalds/South African Airways/P1 Groupe. This is a homecoming in many ways for Dion as Doran Racing gave him his Daytona Prototype start, and he currently lives in Miami attending college fulltime at Florida International University (FIU). P1 Groupe also provides driver management services for Dion, from sponsorships to marketing.

    "I am really looking forward to returning to the team that gave me my debut in Daytona Prototypes, with the McDonalds South African Airways Doran Racing #77," said Dion von Moltke. "I really can't wait to kick things off at Homestead as it is my home race, and will have an even more fan support here pushing me on. Since Daytona I have never trained harder for a race. I am really looking forward to working with Memo and getting Doran Racing back to where it belongs, running up front!"

    "South African Airways has been thrilled to be a part of Dion's quest to conquer Grand Am Racing," said Marc Cavaliere, Executive Vice President of North America for South African Airways. "As South Africa's national carrier, we take particular pride in supporting South Africans abroad, as they serve as ambassadors of our culture. Through Dion's hard work and dedication, he makes us proud to be South African. We look forward to seeing him race at Homestead."

    Driving under the South African flag, Dion was born in Texas, and lived in Sydney and Los Angeles before moving to his current home in Coral Gables, Florida. Following a racing career with multiple championships in karting and open wheel racing, Dion competed in 2009 in both the Continental Tire Challenge Series and Rolex Sports Car Series. In seven rounds of the Continental Tire Challenge Series, he managed 3 wins and helped his co-driver, Mike Sweeney, to a top-10 in the season Driver Points Championship while turning many heads in the Rolex Series in both GT and DP classes. His goal is to conquer the GRAND-AM Rolex Sports Car Series in 2010. His story is even more remarkable as he balances professional racing with a full course load of studies at FIU, whilst also trying to spend as much time as he can manage in his beloved South Africa.

      Posted by cars on Monday, March 15 @ 00:05:00 UTC (5349 reads)
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      Car Racing, Car Race, Auto Racing, Racer Car Racing: McLaren Automotive Newest Member to Join AIAM

    McLaren Automotive Newest Member to Join AIAM
    ARLINGTON, Va., Jan. 7 -- The Association of International Automobile Manufacturers, Inc. (AIAM) today announced that McLaren Automotive, Ltd., has become the automotive trade association's newest member.

    "We're pleased to have a company with such a prestigious history of automotive design, engineering and specialty construction as the newest addition to our membership," said Michael J. Stanton, President and CEO of AIAM. "As automakers prepare new products for the American market where regulatory changes are taking place at the fastest pace in recent memory, they are finding great value in the professional representation AIAM provides in protecting and promoting their interests at the state and federal levels."

    "McLaren is embarking on an ambitious program to develop a range of compact, premium and highly efficient sports cars that also offer performance levels at a much lower cost than the market currently offers," said Anthony Joseph, McLaren Automotive's North America Regional Director. "The first car in this range, the MP4-12C, has been designed from scratch to be the safest, most efficient, most practical, yet best performing car in its market segment, and the U.S. is one of our major target markets. We believe AIAM will provide us with access to pertinent information, archival databases and expert staff to support our introduction into one of the largest motor vehicle markets in the world."

      Posted by Cars on Saturday, January 09 @ 00:35:00 UTC (5760 reads)
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      Car Racing, Car Race, Auto Racing, Racer Car Racing: Craftsman and NASCAR(R) Announce Newest NASCAR(R) Award

    Craftsman and NASCAR(R) Announce Newest NASCAR(R) Award
    NASCAR(R) Craftsman Wrenchman Award Honors Crew Members from Each Series
    CHARLOTTE, N.C., May 14 -- Craftsman, the Official Tools of NASCAR(R), and NASCAR today announced the newest NASCAR(R) season-ending award -- the Craftsman Wrenchman Award, to recognize a team member from each of the three national NASCAR(R) Touring Series who best showcases core Craftsman attributes of Trust, Quality, Knowledge and Innovation when performing their job with the race team.

    The Craftsman Wrenchman Award is open to all crew members, whether they work at the track or race shop. Teams will nominate one team member with a selection committee choosing the finalists. A fan voting will decide the winner on the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series side, while the selection committee will choose the winners from the NASCAR(R) Nationwide and NASCAR(R) Camping World Truck series.

    The accomplishments and profiles of each of the 12 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series finalists, showcasing how they embody the core Craftsman attributes of Trust, Quality, Knowledge and Innovation, will be featured on craftsman.com, giving fans a unique opportunity to get a glimpse behind-the-scenes at what it takes to field a NASCAR(R) team and vote for their favorites. In addition, one lucky fan will win a trip to NASCAR(R) Champions Week in Las Vegas to make the presentation to the winning crew member. Overall, the program is expected to award approximately $170,000 in cash and Craftsman tools to the winners.

    "The NASCAR(R) Craftsman Wrenchman Award will celebrate and reward the everyday heroes of NASCAR(R) who exemplify the attributes of the Craftsman brand both in the garage and at home," said Matt McDonnell, manager of brand development Craftsman. "It's also the perfect opportunity to establish a personal connection for the fans with important crew members who typically don't get to step into the spotlight."

    Crew member nominations by participating NASCAR(R) Sprint Cup, Nationwide and Camping World Truck series teams will take place this summer. A selection committee will narrow the NSCS finalists in August. Fan voting will commence in the fall, leading up to the announcement of the Craftsman Wrenchman Award winners on Nov. 22 at Ford Championship Weekend at Homestead-Miami Speedway. The Craftsman Wrenchman Award will be presented in early December at the NASCAR(R) Sprint Cup Series Awards Banquet during NASCAR(R) Champions Week in Las Vegas.

      Posted by Cars on Thursday, May 14 @ 16:51:11 UTC (2936 reads)
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